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I settled in Totnes in 1990 and having raised my family, began an access course at South Devon College, returning to an early love of clay.

One thing led to another and having completed a FdA in Contemporary Craft at S.D.C I went on to Plymouth College of Art to take a B.A. in ceramics.

The vases are made of earthenware slip using an unusual technique; Images and lines are drawn or imprinted into a plaster slab, and ceramic paint is brushed onto the slab and then wiped off, leaving the lines full of pigment. Liquid clay slip is poured over this, and when just no longer fluid is peeled off the slab like a piece of paper, the image being transferred to the clay sheet. There is always an enjoyable moment of discovery when the result is revealed as no two prints are ever the same. The printed sheets of clay are then cut to shape and built into vessels. I spend as much time as possible immersed in the countryside and have a particular affection for the high fields that circle my home on the edge of Totnes. I often find myself intrigued by the intersection of line, both the meeting of the curves of the open land, and with skyline, and their interruption and redefinition by mans influence. The abstract designs on the vases are a distillation of this long and happy engagement with the Devon landscape.